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031 Pierpaolo Lista, Entrata, 2009

Inkjet print on Hahnemuhle cotton paper. 40 x 60 cm


031 Entrata

GST Included
  • Paestum (Salerno) 1977


    Pierpaolo Lista’s first visual medium was painting but after investigating different materials, he moved to photography and began working with glass plates that with brushstrokes, scratches and engravings on colour backgrounds were manipulated with various objects to create new images. In this way, Lista’s photography is highly unique for it is a portrayal of an external world that in reality is non-existent. His images are purely conceptual. They are theatrical mock ups where commonplace objects and materials are assembled and manipulated by a skilful use of light to form exceptional concept photos.


    Lista’s first solo exhibition was inaugurated in 2003 in Pavia and curated by Mariangela Calisti, who immediately invited him to exhibit at Palazzo Bottigella Gandini. From there the artist has continued to exhibit in both group and solo exhibitions across Italy and abroad and is now part of permanent collections across Italy, including the BoCs Art Museum in Cosenza. Lista has participated and been the recipient of awards in numerous competitions including the Francesco Fabbri Prize, the Combat Prize, the Smartup Optima Contemporary Art Prize, and the Corriere della Sera’s “Una copertina per La Lettura” Competition. Most recently he was given a special mention at the Premio Opera per l’Opera at the Teatro Comunale in Bologna.

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