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Arte Arechi 
Australian Collection

Promoting Australian contemporary art to Italy and beyond

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Bridging the cultural gap between Italy and Australia, Arte Arechi proudly presents  Joordah, an emergent artist from northern Western Australia and now part of Arte Arechi's new Australian Collection.

'Joordah' Luke Riches is a Bardi artist who grew up in One Arm Point in the beautiful Kimberley region of Western Australia.
Coming from an artistic upbringing, his mother Ngardarb (Francine) Riches and father, Tony, form a dynamic duo who have ventured into largescale public art projects and had their work
showcased to Prince Frederik and Princess Mary of Denmark.
Joordah draws on his traditional roots for inspiration and has perfected his own style of acrylic techniques over the years. He has been successfully painting since a teenager, and started selling landscape works at the early age of 15.
Joordah has achieved a unique interpretation of colour, composition and story-telling in his designs, combining a variety of techniques and mediums to construct visually stunning pieces.
Joordah says as he often finds himself sitting alone allowing his mind ponder land and sea, the animals and natural environment his Bardi people have been entwined with for generations.

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