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Acrylic on canvas, 122 x 152cm

The ancient Bardi tale of the seven sisters (Pleiades constellation). As the day was ending the women left the children to tend to the campfire.
"You must not let the fire go out" they said.

Then off they went to collect food. The children watching the fire got distracted and started playing amongst themselves, and the fire slowly burned out. The women returned from their trip and saw the fire had subsided, they became cold and dived into the water where they turned into stars. Not longer after, their 3 husbands returned to camp after a long day of hunting. They saw the smouldering coals and the sisters were nowhere to be seen, so they also dived into the water and became the three stars that trail the seven sisters. Bardi people look to the night sky as the stars appear in the west, journey across the horizon then dive into the east where they disappear.

AC203 Seven Sisters

GST Included
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