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001 Alessandro Giusberti, U-NION Adamo e Dio, 2021

Oil on canvas, 96 x 145 cm


001 U-NION Adamo e Dio

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  • An artist practically from birth, Alessandro Giusberti was already drawing incessantly by the age of five. At eleven he was studying oil painting techniques before attending a Liceo Artistico and then the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. After graduating, he embarked on a series of tours across France and Spain, regularly attending museums and foundations in order to thoroughly investigate the work of the great masters and building a body of work for his first solo exhibition at the Galleria La Colonna, Bologna in 1975.

    Now after almost 50 years, the Italian painter has been exhibited in more than a hundred international exhibitions across Europe and the Americas as well as being part of numerous different private and public national and international collections. Giusberti is an artist of imagery, committed to deep and accurate research and endless exploration of new approaches between reality and the unknown. The quick and sober strokes of the painter capture the continuous mutation of life; fleeting moments, those that transform and consume us, moments in which we, the viewer, come to understand life itself. Often inspired by city environments in Europe, Brazil and the United States, Giusberti’s works are a true study of human movement that underscores the drama of cosmopolitan life; his faces, sidewalks, entire streets and even road signs hiding so much more than the life they seem to represent. His paintings are a blending of technical mastery and a deference to a wealth of experience that gifts his viewer with a journey that begins in reality but ends with the artist himself. Giusberti’s career has been one continuous pictorial evolution that has often led to his anticipating and pioneering contemporary avant-garde movements. In the 70’s and 80’s he made his first experiments with overlapping images and was the first in the world to exhibit anachronistic works of art. In 1980 he exhibited his first ventures into pluridimensione (multidimensional painting) with presentations at the Calvesi in Venice, the Mannheim, Germany and the Palazzo Re Enzo, Bologna. It was also at this time that he was commissioned to restore the fourteenth century ceiling in the Palazzo di Notai, in Bologna.

    Then began an exploration of urban landscapes and of the lives hidden within the great metropolises. The works of this period were included in collections at the Museum of Sculpture and Museo d'Arte Moderna MuBe, San Paolo, the Villa Marescalchi in Bologna and galleries across the USA.It was also during this time that he conceived transfiguration before further experimenting with painting on plexiglass, which led to an innovative and more expressive form of painting; a culmination of twenty years’ work that would produce his pioneering works of multidimensional Painting. It was here that he first merged Durer with Rubens and Leonardo da Vinci with Breguel; works that would subsequently be submitted to the 2012 Venice Biennale to extraordinary critical acclaim.

    A commission for a portrait of Santo Stefano (St Stephen), for the Basilica del Santo Stefano in Bologna, now on permanent display at the Bologna Museum (Pinacoteca Nazionale) quickly followed and then a unique tribute to Caravaggio Especial Caravaggio with Giusberti demonstrating live his mastery of Caravaggesque techniques on film.


    Giusberti has since been widely interviewed and reviewed, featured in various television and radio programmes and publications worldwide and has given further live demonstrations of techniques for oil portraits.


    Alessandro Giusberti is an artist ahead of his time whose compelling ambition is still today as it has always been; a pursuit of freedom of expression; vital if we are to retain any honest observation or analysis of the world in which we live.





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